Intouch Relocations has a long-established presence in Johannesburg (1993), Dubai (1998), Kenya (2014) an, we have been delivering relocation services in many other locations in Africa and the Middle East with the support of our experienced and dedicated team of relocation consultants for more than 20 years.

Cape Town is an African city of great opportunities, a city of talent, innovation and excitement, providing a balance between aspiration and quality of life. It is business friendly, embraces the tech and renewable energy sector, has a vibrant film and advertising industry and is continually building on its success in the tourism sector.

Intouch Relocations’ has invested significantly in technology including our web-based assignment management platform, IRIS, welcome pack and check-in inspections Apps and will soon be launching our innovative self-serve product, mooveme – all of which we believe can add value to companies moving their people into the Western Cape, either domestically or internationally.

For cities and businesses to succeed, they need to be highly productive, attract the best people and look after them well. Intouch prides itself on looking after people well – whether in Addis Ababa, Lagos or Johannesburg – by taking care of the practical aspects of a relocation, employees can focus on achieving their business goals.

And now with the opening of our Cape Town office, we are even closer to where our clients need us to be offering customised solutions in this unique city of extraordinary landscapes and opportunity.

We would love to meet you. Please call us on +27 (0) 21 003 9185

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