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We've been guiding our clients every step of the way into the world’s emerging market with sensitivity and integrity for more than 20 years.

Intouch with global standards. Intouch with local communities. Intouch with the needs of each person we relocate. Intouch with your world.

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Africa Story


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Middle East Story


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Innovative solutions customised to different
needs and locations

Intouch Relocations is the trusted partner for companies relocating employees to the Middle East and Africa. We have the local knowledge and global thinking to ensure that your mobility programmes are seamlessly delivered.


Pre-assignment trip – orientation to the new location

Home Finding

Finding the right fit for needs and budget

School Search

Placing children in environments where they can thrive


Get connected and feel at home in no time


Closing out an assignment with minimal fuss

Business Solutions

Policy Development, Expense management, Location data


High touch Immigration Solutions in selected locations.

At Intouch Relocations WE HAVE the agility to respond to the needs of OUR clients

by offering bespoke services and customised support in line with our clients' mobility policies and the individual requirements of each assignee. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a personal touch and high level of care to each relocation, whilst having the capacity to manage the logistics of high volume clients and group moves.

Finding the right home and integrating into a community are fundamental to the enjoyment of a new environment. We understand that the anxieties of any change may be in the often overlooked details, and we strive to take these stresses out of your move by being your specialist resource.

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