Whether your move is job related or another life event, moving doesn’t always happen at the most convenient times.

We have learned a thing or two over the years. Our simple tips may help you have a drama-free holiday move and you may even discover some surprising reasons why moving during this season can be a blessing in disguise.

#1 be super organised

The key is to stay organized and begin the planning process well ahead of time. Assess how much time you have before your move and work backwards on your calendar.

  • Block off at least three or four weeks to pack up your home and have a plan for packing little by little and prioritise what rooms you can start packing up for example. if you aren’t going to have guests to stay, start packing spare bedrooms, the linen closet and storage areas first
  • Moving during the holidays can give you some extra time to pack - if you are taking time off of work and the kids are out of school for the holidays, this could be the ideal time to move. You will have a bit of free time to pack and organize your belongings instead of having to stay up late after you get home from a long day. If you have kids they can get involved by packing up their own rooms during their break from school
  • Create a staging area for boxes and supplies in a guest bedroom or storage room so your entire house won’t be a maze of moving boxes
  • Label all your boxes well - while you should always label your boxes well for an easy move-in process, it is particularly important during the holidays. You need to ensure that after you move you know where your party attire, fine china, holiday decorations and kids favourite toys are. Include the contents of the box, the room that it belongs to, and whether or not it is fragile.
  • Make a checklist - of utilities, home services, other transfers of services and important things you need to schedule – passports and visas, driver’s license renewals or international drivers permits, medical appointments, getting prescription meds to tide you over the holiday, flight arrangements, temporary accommodation

#2 take some time out to celebrate

Don’t skip the holidays entirely. You will need time to relax and celebrate with family and friends, and if you have children, to make sure Christmas is as special as it usually is.

  • If you are still at home for Christmas, keep entertaining casual and relaxed - potlucks where everyone brings a dish, a barbeque or picnic to reduce the stress and amount of cooking and washing up
  • This year, scale back on holiday decorating and consider simply placing a wreath on the front door and a small tabletop tree in the house. Minimal decorations will allow you to pack up some holiday décor for your next home, but you won’t be skipping the season
  • If you are already in your new location, you may not be surrounded by family and friends so this may be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate differently this year – if you family are used to a winter Christmas, swop the snow for beach sand, replace turkey for lobster – if you book in advance, there are great getaways deals in idyllic holiday destinations on the coast of South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles or safaris in Botswana and Kenya. Or simply act like a tourist and explore what your new home town has to offer.


You may have to pay a premium if you are moving during the holidays. Get quotations from moving companies well in advance, select and lock down your mover. Remember to confirm and re-confirm the dates and pricing with your moving company (holidays can make people forgetful!). Keep records of all details in a binder or on your phone to ensure information can be pulled up quickly on the day of your move.

# 4 DEclutter

Use your move as an opportunity to declutter – toys and clothing your children have grown out of to, cold weather/heavy duty gear you wont need in a warm climate, wardrobes and large pieces of furniture that won’t fit in your new home. Help the kids organise a garage sale or donating toys, clothing and non-perishable food to a local charity will bring some joy to those less fortunate this Christmas.

If you are moving to another country, be sure to check if appliances, televisions, hairdryers and equipment work on the same voltage before shipping them. Also check prohibited items or goods that will attract duty with your mover.


Relocating is stressful at any time of the year but moving over the Christmas holidays may seem overwhelming and seem like it will send you over the edge! The key is to stay organised and begin the planning process well ahead of time. If you have time off, use it to get ahead on packing. Label your boxes well, take the weather into consideration, and ensure that you budget for your move in advance. Follow these simple tips and your move will be full of cheer! Happy holidays and happy moving!

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