Connect with Intouch Relocations at the Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium 2017 in Chicago this September

Intouch Relocations will be represented at the conference this year by Sebastien Besson, CEO; Corallie Pringle, CEO Africa and Shirley Doran Business Development Director.

Intouch Relocations uses this opportunity to stay ahead of the latest trends in the global mobility industry as well as networking with our peers and clients from across the world.

“This year continues to bring surprising and dramatic shifts that are influencing the way we work together to manage the world’s global workforce. Now more than ever, we need the Global Workforce Symposium: our remarkable think tank for global talent mobility!

The Symposium is where we gather to share information on the dynamic (and different!) characteristics of globalization in an uncertain landscape. It’s where we follow the actions, initiatives and workforce concerns of countries that impact and inform our mission. It’s where we bring experts together to educate and guide our industry on how to navigate the challenges and changes they are confronting. And it’s where we collaborate on solutions, integrate our best insight, and focus in on the complexities and the opportunities. Come for the strategy, the Marketplace, the speakers, the conversations in sessions and between them... come to Chicago, Illinois, USA 27-29 September to build the future of workforce mobility!

Now is the time for us to demonstrate our “best in class” knowledge and capabilities. We want your mind, your insight, creativity and focus at this meeting: we want your global mobility leadership!” -

To arrange a meeting with Sebastien, Corallie or Shirley, please email us at

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