Middle East Story

Intouch Relocations was established in 1998 with the aim of helping people relocate to the Emirate of Dubai whilst navigating the challenges of a strange city with a different culture.

It soon established itself as the go-to destination service provider for multinationals looking to bridge the language and cultural divide. The company remained a boutique operation for 10 years until the founding shareholders were bought out by Africa Capital in 2006

Sebastien Besson was working in the hospitality industry, until a serendipitous meeting lead to him joining Intouch Relocations in 2008. Under the leadership of Sebastien, the company gradually began to expand its footprint across the Gulf Cooperative Council between 2008 and 2012. Sebastien, being new to the Relocation industry, brought with him a strong service ethic, excellent management and problem solving abilities, and the drive to grow the business.

In 2013, after firmly securing Intouch Relocation’s position as the preferred provider of destination services in the Middle East, Sebastien, and his long time industry colleague and friend,

Corallie Pringle came together to form a joint venture in East Africa, under the Intouch Relocations brand, with a strong on the ground partner, Jennifer Awori.

A great working experience and meeting of cultures in East Africa led to the decision in 2014 to expand the business by acquiring Elliott Corporate Relocations, the leading African Relocation Company, Headed by Corallie Pringle.

The coming together of these two industry leading companies under the Intouch Relocations name has resulted in the formation of a truly regional service solution, covering 28 locations across Africa and the Middle East, whilst retaining the strong local ties in the markets we serve and the dynamic leadership team of Sebastien Besson and Corallie Pringle.

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