Interesting Facts

  • Senegal’s national sport is Senegalese wrestling. Unlike conventional wrestling, this form of wrestling allows blows with the hand.
  • Storytelling is integral to Senegalese culture and professional storytellers are known as Griots.
  • Senegal is named after the Senegal River.

Key Market Alerts

  • The cost of living in Dakar is relatively high.
  • French is Senegal’s official language and English is not widely spoken.
  • Rentals in Senegal can either be paid monthly or quarterly.
  • Malaria is endemic throughout Senegal.

An Overview of Senegal

Senegal’s economy is largely dependent on the export of fish, peanuts, petroleum products, phosphates, and cotton. Senegal has shown moderate growth which is expected to continue.

The country’s capital is Dakar. In addition to being the capital, Dakar is Senegal’s commercial centre and largest city – with a population of 3 million people.

Living in Dakar

Expatriates living in Dakar find the experience unique and culturally enriching. The cost of living in Dakar is, particularly for luxury goods. Public transport is largely unavailable and expatriates will need their own vehicles. In order to drive in Senegal, either a French Driver’s License or an International Driver’s license is required. While infrastructure in Dakar has improved considerably, roads are not always well-maintained. Expatriates are discouraged from driving at night.

Housing in Dakar

In Dakar there are two types of accommodation: villas in the suburbs or apartments in the city, which are always rented unfurnished. Availability of good quality expatriate housing is very limited and in high demand. Preferred Expatriate areas are Almadies, Mermoz, Fann, Point E and Plateau, along the coast. Rent in Senegal is paid either monthly or quarterly.

Furnished, short term accommodation in Dakar is scarce and in most cases hotels or guest houses are used.

Schooling in Dakar

There are a few English-speaking/bilingual schools in Dakar. The most popular is the International School of Dakar, which follows the American system. The most popular bilingual school is the "Ecole Actuelle Bilingue". Both of these schools are located in Fenêtre Mermoz.

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