Interesting Facts

  • Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood, is the second largest producer of movies in the world – after India’s Bollywood.
  • Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.
  • Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups
  • Nigeria is the 12th largest crude oil producer in the world.
  • One of Africa’s most famous authors, Chinua Achebe, was from Nigeria.

Key Market Alerts

  • Rentals in Nigeria are paid up-front for the full lease period.
  • Because rentals are paid up-front, security deposits are not typically required.
  • The tenant in Nigeria is also responsible for paying the landlord’s legal fees and the estate agent’s commission.
  • Malaria is prevalent throughout Nigeria.

An Overview of Nigeria

Nigeria, with a population of almost 170 million people is a place of endless opportunity. It is an eclectic, bustling country of contradictions. On the one hand, Nigeria is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. In fact, Nigeria has surpassed South Africa as the largest economy in Africa. Growth is largely driven by the country’s oil industry and while the economy remains highly dependent on its oil revenue, the financial and telecommunications markets are fast growing in importance.

On the other hand, Nigeria faces considerable challenges in the form of corruption and political instability – particularly in the northern parts of the country.

Located in West Africa, Nigeria covers an area of 923,768 km², extending from the Gulf of Guinea in the south, to the Sahara Desert in the north. Abuja is the administrative capital but Lagos is its commercial centre, and where most expatriates live. Lagos is the second largest city in Africa (after Cairo). While the exact size of the population is not known –estimates range from 10.8 million people to 20 million people. Nigeria is located in a tropical climate zone and is usually hot and humid.

Living in Lagos

An assignment in Nigeria can be a fulfilling experience, due largely to the warmth and vibrancy of its people. In addition to experiencing the rich culture, Nigeria is full of exciting growth opportunity, which is reflected in the energy of Lagos. To make the most of the experience, visitors to Nigeria should arrive informed, with an open-mind and a sense of humour!

Housing in Lagos

Expatriates living in Lagos will typically live in compounds (or gated communities) and housing prices in are particularly high. Due to high demand and a monopolistic housing market, Nigerian landlords are decidedly unflexable. On the positive side, there is a great deal of construction of new residential developments. Housing options are therefore improving and prices slowly starting to decrease.

Schooling in Lagos

In addition to securing suitable housing in a market where demand outweighs supply, securing a place in one of Nigeria’s International Schools – particularly the British and American International Schools is a challenge. Places need to be booked as far in advance as possible.

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